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The question of gun violence and gun control vexes America, especially in big cities such as Chicago. With strong feelings on both (and in some cases) all sides, it can be hard to find unbiased information and opinions. A quick search of the internet will find dozens of sites - but most of them take a particular stance.

In order to get the most accurate information out there, you should probably select online sites attempting to explain the existing laws in simple layman's terms. You can look at the proponents of a liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment, such as the NRA, and also read what those who propose strong restrictions have to say.

Although not a hard and fast rule, generally Democrats are in favor of stronger controls on guns and Republicans are not. So, a site that supports one part or the other is unlikely to be neutral on this contentious subject.

One of the best approaches might well be to produce an open forum in which people from all perspectives can weigh in on the matter and discuss it civilly (although, of course, not everyone can manage to be civil on this topic). Of course, any site is going to be run by people, and those people will have some kind of a stance, so always take that into account - complete neutrality is impossible, but a balanced and nuanced stance that seeks to weigh both concerns for our constitutional rights with concerns about widespread IL gun violence is better than leaning to one side or the other.

It is sometimes difficult for a website to remain impartial and unbiased even though it is advertised as such. This is a passionate subject that can create enormous emotion in people. If you find a good forum that has respectful participants who allow opposing views to be discussed, you might be able to come to some conclusions of your own. At some point, you might even feel confident enough to join the discussion.

For those new to the subject and with no particular opinion either way, finding impartial information may be challenging. Understanding the different positions can help you make up your own mind.

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