How A Philadelphia Electrician Helps With TV Wall Mounting

Wall-mounting televisions is great for saving space in small rooms and it is usually the most convenient method of installation in the bedroom.

For living room installs, the middle of your television screen should be about eye level when you happen to be sitting down. If you want to watch television while lying in your bed, you must make sure that it is positioned for limiting neck strain. Mounting your TV too high could leave you in need of a physical therapist or a chiropractor and each of these professionals will likely recommend lowering your screen.

The best device for this is a tilting wall might, which can be additionally used to adjust your TV position and limit glare at different times.

A lot of people mount TVs above the fireplace. It seems like a great choice - especially in those cold Philadelphia winters. However, if you actually use your fireplace, then the heat and smoke will reduce the life of your expensive television, not to mention making the screen grimy and in need of regular cleaning.

This is less of an issue with gas fireplaces, but many electricians recommend against installing televisions above fireplaces that are coal or wood burning.

Mounting your television on an exterior property wall is another thing that you want to avoid. This makes it very hard to run the cable through the wall and it could leave you with the sole option of using visible raceways for the required cables. The task is made infinitely more challenging by running cables and you may not have a house with a socket for wall mounting that's conveniently placed. (If you happen to be lucky, however, you just might if the former owners opted to install their television in the exact same place). Mounting your television high above your bed will make it necessary to go into your ceiling.

Ultimately, if you want your install to be clean when there is wiring within the walls, you should have this handled by a reputable Philadelphia electrician. This professionally will know how to complete the work without violating the fire code or harming the existing plumbing or wiring.

Companies such as these have trained technicians who can ensure that the entire TV installation is done correctly and safely, particularly in terms of ensuring that trip and fall hazards and exposed cables are addressed or simply making sure that your costly entertainment equipment does not fall off your wall. These professionals can additionally make sure that all in-wall wiring has the correct rating (as an example, standard HDMI is not properly rated for this type of work).

When planning a complete home theater system, hiring an installer is always best. These professionals can make your setup even more impressive by handling the installation of recessed speakers and making sure that all wires are tucked out of sight.

Although you can certainly purchase a wall mount and do the job yourself, especially if you only have to run cables a short distance, you will get a much better look by hiring a qualified installer. A tangle of exposed wires makes everything look untidy, and people will notice them. Calling a good electrician will help you get that gorgeous wall mounted TV, right where you want it.

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